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3100 wanted innovations

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427. An alarm clock with an adjustment so that the racket made could be controlled to meet the demands of the sleeper. 428. A hinge for plastic box containers that will not need to be riveted. 429. A folding tricycle that could be taken on trips for the convenience of little Willie would win tidy sums of money for its inventor. [81] 430. A combination salt and pepper shaker for the housewife. The device could be controlled by a button. When the button was pressed salt would come forth and when the button was left in position, pepper would be available.

Legs that will automatically· level billiard tables. 93. A rapid means of protecting passengers on the tops of buses from rain. by one man· is needed. 94. A dentist's drill is not cleansed as much as it should be in antiseptic solutions because of the fact that it is oiled and its design does not permit of this abuse. A sanitary drill is one of the thin,gs that dentistry ne~ds very badly. 104. A cheaper means of covering steam pipes with heat insulation. 105. A monkey wrench that will not slip on round objects and on the other hand, one which will not tear great chunks of metal from the surface of the objectr being worked upon.

A non-rattling window screen and also a screen that can 402. An aisle seat for theaters that will be safe, cheap and very easily installed and removed to permit passage. be adjusted in two dimensions so that it can be made to fit any window. 403. An eaves-trough that cannot be plugged with fallen leaves. 417. Men are constantly losing the buttons on their shirt collars and this is rather embarrassing when it happens during the day at the office. What is needed is a method of overcoming the use of buttons in any form for this purpose.

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