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Does your friend say the music never stopped? 19 Project 5: Melody Camouflage If you do not have access to an audio mixer, you can use a musical instrument amplifier, such as a guitar amplifier, as long as it has two separate input channels, each with its own volume control. Place two microphones (for left and right channels) by the amplifier’s speaker, and plug them into a cassette recorder to record the results on a blank tape. ” A pet dog responds to sounds rather than understanding the meaning of words Suggested Entry Categories • Behavioral & Social • Zoology Purpose or Problem The purpose is to prove that a pet dog who is trained to obey several commands, responds to those commands because of association with the sounds and the action you want from the animal, not because of any understanding of language.

Something More Project 8: In the Ear of the Beholder 1. Expand your survey by categorizing your results by male and female, in addition to age. Compare your organized data. 2. Sounds and songs may even bring memories to our minds. Hearing a popular song that was once played heavily on the radio may cause you to remember a special summer or time in your life. When you hear the sound of sleigh bells or a Christmas carol, does a feeling or picture come to your mind about snow falling or the excitement of waiting to open presents with family?

Take the second piece of balsa wood and cut a series of holes in the wood, each spaced at equal distances. Each hole should be 1 inch in diameter. Engineers need to know weights, percentage relationships, strengths, and other important factors about a material. Use the data you have determined by experimentation to compile stress data on the 2ϫ6 pieces of balsa wood. The fact sheet you compile should include these figures: • Weight of the solid balsa wood piece (use a gram weight scale):_____ • Weight of the lightened “swiss cheese” balsa wood piece:_____ • Breaking weight of the solid balsa wood piece: _____ • Breaking weight of the lightened “swiss cheese” balsa wood piece: _____ • Percent lighter the lightened strut is to the solid strut (the weight of the lightened piece divided by the weight of the solid piece, times 100 for percent):_____ • The percentage of weight the lightened piece breaks at compared to the solid piece (breaking weight of the lightened piece divided by the breaking weight of the solid piece, times 100 for percent):_____ • The maximum weight the lightened piece can safely support, the safety margin being two-thirds beyond what is required (breaking weight of the lightened piece divided by one-third):_____ Perform the same weight test.

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