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Standardised test-style questions about challenge fixing, serious pondering and selection making skills.

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Marc is asked to leave the classroom due to his constant disruptions. c. Franny uses spray paint to write derogatory comments on the locker room wall and she is given a suspension. d. Ms. Farmer tells her class that students who fail the midterm exam will be expected to stay after school for tutoring help. 328. An Informal Gathering occurs when a group of people get together in a casual, relaxed manner. Which situation below is the best example of an Informal Gathering? a. The book club meets on the first Thursday evening of every month.

C. dream. d. sleep. 200. Candid is to indirect as honest is to a. frank. b. wicked. c. truthful. d. untruthful. 196. Embarrassed is to humiliated as frightened is to a. terrified. b. agitated. c. courageous. d. reckless. 201. Pen is to poet as needle is to a. thread. b. button. c. sewing. d. tailor. 24 – QUESTIONS – 203. ) Now that you have some practice working basic analogies, try these picture analogies, which will give you practice with nonverbal reasoning. Solve these picture analogies in the same way you solved the word analogies.

D. – QUESTIONS – 209. 211. a. a. b. c. d. b. c. d. 212. 210. a. a. b. c. d. 27 b. c. d. – QUESTIONS – 213. 215. a. b. c. d. a. b. c. d. 214. 216. a. b. c. d. a. 28 b. c. d. – QUESTIONS – 217. 219. a. b. c. d. a. b. c. d. 218. 220. Soa p a. b. c. d. a. 29 b. c. d. – QUESTIONS – T 221. ONE CEN LI RTY BE a. b. c. d. 30 – QUESTIONS – Set 14 223. ) Here are more picture analogies for you to master. There is essentially no difference between verbal and picture analogies, except that you have to take an extra first step by naming each picture.

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