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By Donald Stokes, Lillian

Notice the fantastic attractiveness and variety of nature in wintry weather. choked with attention-grabbing information regarding vegetation, animals, and usual phenomena that may be saw in the course of the Northeast and North significant areas of North the United States in wintry weather, the Stokes advisor to Nature in wintry weather will lead you to-and assist you get pleasure from and understand-the ordinary wonders of the season. the topics lined comprise: wintry weather weeds and wildflowers Winter's birds and deserted nests facts of bugs Animal tracks and indicators Evergreen crops

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The roots of this rosette are a ftne vegetable and, in fact, for best eating should be collected in winter. Just look for the new leaves near the base of a winter stalk Winter Weeds / 27 Eoening Primrose winter rosette and dig up the attached root. Boil the roots twice if they taste too peppery; then salt and butter them. Starting with the second spring, the root becomes woody and the plant produces the large stalk that lasts through the winter. Field Garlic (Allium oineale) Shooting up from among grassesof winter meadows is Field Garlic, its tall lone stem topped with a tangle of dried fowers.

It is a member of the Buckwheat hamily and has the Dock 24 / A Guide to Nature in Winter Dock seeds Dock winter rosette characteristic triangular seed. Each seed is enclosed by three heart-shaped leaves folded in upon it. The seeds have a faint but pleasant taste and have been used to make four, but it is more work than the taste is worth. Dock has evolved protective coatings around its seeds, so when they are eaten by some animals, they are not digested but dispersed in the animal's feces. This is a common property of many weed seedsand an important mode of dispersal.

The brown dust in the capsules is actually hundreds of thousands of spores, which will be dispersed by wind in dry weather. Fern spores, when they sprout, do not grow into a Winter Weeds / 45 Sensitioe F ern sunnner fronds plant of the same shape as the one they came from, but eaeh grows into a small heart-shaped leaf no taller than % inch. This new tiny plant reproduces sexually, growing both egg and sperrn cells. The fertilized egg then sprouts tall, green, leafy fronds - what we normally think of as ferns.

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