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By Sri Sadhu Om, Michael James

After Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi left the physique in 1950, lots of Sri Ramana Maharshi's devotees got here to acknowledge Swami Sadhu Om, the writer of this ebook, not just as one of many optimum disciples of Sri Ramana Maharshi, but additionally as a person with the infrequent present of explaining Sri Ramana Maharshi's teachings in a simple, transparent and easy demeanour that may be simply understood and in addition simply practiced via all honest seekers of real Self-knowledge.Thus lots of Sri Ramana Maharshi's devotees started to strategy Sri Sadhu Om looking explanation of all elements of Sri Ramana Maharshi's teachings. This additionally incorporated between different issues the correct use of the strategy of Self-inquiry in one's practice.This booklet is set The Essence of religious perform. This booklet is stuffed with recommendation, counsel and guidelines in the direction of tips on how to make your religious perform, in particular the perform of Self-inquiry, Self-awareness and Self-attention extra effective.Sri Sadhu Om spent 5 years within the corporation of Sri Ramana Maharshi and many years within the corporation of Sri Muruganar.

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133. ” This is a falsehood more vast than the sky. ) 24. The Body and Yoga 134. ” it is in order to reveal that this body alone enables one to have the keen discrimination (viveka) to scrutinize the three states of waking, dream and deep sleep (and thereby to attain Self-knowledge). 135. (When the scriptures say a human birth is the best, they mean only what is said above and in verse 94 with its ensuing note). The saying, “After it has come to you, cherish this human body,” is not at all the intended meaning.

Would it be possible to abide thus in Self if one did not have love for Self? Love for Self-alone is bhakti; abiding firmly in Self on account of that love alone is jnana. What difference is there between these two? Discriminate and know this truth. 24) 83. If there did not exist the power of gravity, which attracts and pulls everything towards the earth, would anything remain stable on earth? On scrutiny, devotion (bhakti) is found to be similar to the gravitational power of attraction, while the state of wisdom (jnana) is found to be similar to the state of objects remaining stable on earth as a result of that attraction.

As soon as the inwardly awakened state of Self-abidance is attained, all the adjuncts in the form of the wrong identification that the actions of the 38 A Light on the Teaching of Ramana Maharshi body are one’s own actions will become devoid of reality, being found to be mere superimpositions upon one’s nameless and formless nature, just like the blue color superimposed upon the colorless sky; and the truth, that one is only the adjunct-free Self, will clearly shine forth. 120. ” 121. The pure consciousness “I,” which exists in sleep devoid of all adjuncts, is the Supreme Reality (Brahman).

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