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All other Oracle products are not necessary. However, using other Oracle products with the gateway can greatly extend the capabilities of a gateway. 2-10 Oracle9i Heterogeneous Connectivity Administrator’s Guide 3 Major Features This chapter describes the major features provided by Heterogeneous Services. This chapter contains the following topics: ■ SQL and PL/SQL Support ■ Heterogeneous Replication ■ Passthrough SQL ■ Result Set Support ■ Data Dictionary Translations ■ Date Time ■ Two Phase Commit Protocol ■ Piecewise Long ■ SQL*Plus Describe Command ■ Constraints on SQL in a Distributed Environment ■ Using Index and Table Statistics ■ Other Optimizations ■ Optimizer Restrictions for non-Oracle Access Major Features 3-1 SQL and PL/SQL Support Note: Even though Heterogeneous Services has all these features, they are not necessarily available in all Heterogeneous Services based gateways.

Using IN OUT Bind Variables A bind variable can be both an IN and an OUT variable. This means that the value of the bind variable must be known before the SQL statement is executed but can be changed after the SQL statement is executed. For IN OUT bind variables, you must use the BIND_INOUT_VARIABLE procedure to provide a value before the SQL statement is executed. After the SQL statement is executed, you must use the GET_VALUE procedure to retrieve the new value of the bind variable. 3-10 Oracle9i Heterogeneous Connectivity Administrator’s Guide Passthrough SQL Executing Queries The difference between queries and non-queries is that queries retrieve a result set from a SELECT statement.

After executing the stored procedure, the client program can fetch from the ref cursor in exactly the same way as it would from a ref cursor returned by an Oracle stored procedure. When connecting to the gateway as described in Model 1, Heterogeneous Services will be in cursor mode. Sequential Mode In Oracle, there is a pre-specified maximum number of result sets that a particular stored procedure can return. The number of result sets returned is at most the number of ref cursor out arguments for the stored procedure.

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