New PDF release: Advanced Control of Electrical Drives and Power Electronic

By Jacek Kabziński

This contributed quantity is written via key experts operating in multidisciplinary fields in electric engineering, linking keep an eye on thought, strength electronics, synthetic neural networks, embedded controllers and sign processing. The authors of every bankruptcy record the cutting-edge of a number of the subject matters addressed and current result of their very own examine, laboratory experiments and winning functions. The awarded options pay attention to 3 major components of interest:

· movement keep an eye on in advanced electromechanical platforms, together with sensorless control;

· fault prognosis and fault tolerant regulate of electrical drives;

· new keep an eye on algorithms for energy electronics converters.

The chapters and the whole e-book own robust monograph attributes. very important functional and theoretical difficulties are deeply and effectively awarded at the heritage of an exhaustive state-of the paintings assessment. Many effects are thoroughly new and have been by no means released earlier than. famous keep an eye on tools like box orientated keep watch over (FOC) or direct torque keep an eye on (DTC) are referred as a kick off point for adjustments or are used for comparability. between a variety of keep an eye on theories used to unravel specific difficulties are: nonlinear keep watch over, powerful keep watch over, adaptive regulate, Lyapunov ideas, observer layout, version predictive keep an eye on, neural regulate, sliding mode regulate, sign filtration and processing, fault analysis, and fault tolerant control.

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2. It is assumed that the actuator works against the load described by: Fo ðx; vÞ ¼ Av2 signðvÞ þ Bjvj sinð2pxÞ ½NŠ: ð61Þ with unknown coefficients A and B, hence, according to (21): 1 ½m; A; BŠ u  à nT1 ¼ v_ d ; v2 signðvÞ; jvj sinð2pxÞ : AT1 ¼ ð62Þ If it is assumed that none of the motor or load parameters are known, the initial values of adaptive parameters are selected as: b T ¼ 1 ½0:5 m; 0; 0Š; A 1 u b T ¼ 1 ½m; A; BŠ ¼ 1 ½8; 10; 6Š. while the real values are A 1 u 39 ð63Þ Adaptive Position Tracking with Hard Constraints … 41 Fig.

From the set value of the motor torque the reference value for the variable x12ð1Þ is calculated. The reference value of x12ð1Þ without the third harmonic is given by: xÃ12ð1Þ ¼ Lrð1Þ Ã T ; Lmð1Þ e ð92Þ where * denotes the reference value. If the third harmonic is taken into account, the value xÃ12ð1Þ is calculated as follows: xÃ12ð1Þ ¼ CTÃe ; where the coefficient C is given by: ð93Þ Sensorless Control of Polyphase Induction Machines C¼ RrðnÞ L2rð1Þ x21ð1Þ RrðnÞ Lrð1Þ LmðnÞ x21ð1Þ þ zðmÞ mRrð1Þ LrðnÞ Lmð1Þ x21ðnÞ 23 ð94Þ and depends on the motor parameters and value of the third flux harmonic.

Recently, use of the so-called barrier Lyapunov functions (BLF) in control synthesis has been proposed for constraint handling in Brunovsky type systems [4], nonlinear systems in the strict feedback form [5] and with adaptive control [6, 7]. The BLF approach applies the backstepping technique and allows the system output (or all state variables) to be kept inside the predefined constraints. Although the theory of stability investigation by BLF is well established, only a few practical applications are reported [8, 9].

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