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By Peter W. Hawkes

The 2 chapters that fill this quantity describe instruments for learning the brightness of electron beams and for analysing the houses of mass spectrometers.

First, L.D. Duffy and A.J. Dragt introduce the concept that of eigen-emittance. 3 kinematic invariants are linked to charged-particle beams, in linear shipping mode. those invariants are referred to as eigen-emittances and a research in their houses makes it attainable to tailor the beam to slot the applying in query. the speculation is predicated at the idea of sym-plectic beam shipping, a subject matter on which A.J. Dragt has already contributed to those Advances (Advances in Electronics & Electron Physics, sixty seven, 1986, 65—120, with E. Forest). The authors first recapitulate the elemental idea ahead of explaining how the emittance could be tailored as required. the rest of the bankruptcy, which shape a brief treatise at the topic, offers a variety of applications.

In the second one bankruptcy, I. Spivak-Lavrov describes at size methods of analysing the houses of either static and time-of-flight mass spectrometers and of devising new designs. The optics of those tools is determined out intimately, in an try and make the item self-contained. a lot Russian paintings is mentioned, usually from journals that aren't to be had in English translation and in certain cases, are usually not generally to be had outdoor their nations of foundation.

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Furthermore, this study classified all examples of two correlations and the resulting cases for the eigen-emittance values. For transversely bright electron beams, two small eigen-emittance values are desirable, and this chapter reviewed the possible correlations that can lead to these cases. While ideas for producing transversely bright electron beams using emittance partitioning have been studied, they have not yet been fully implemented. Further work and demonstration will be necessary to fully realize proposals for tailoring the eigen-emittance values at the cathode.

2011). The FBT, thus, is a practical method to partition emittance between the two transverse dimensions. 2 Transverse-to-Longitudinal Emittance Exchange Transverse-to-longitudinal emittance exchange, often simply referred to as emittance exchange (EEX), was proposed by Cornacchia and Emma (2002) as a method to satisfy the emittance requirements for FELs while avoiding the microbunching instability induced by coherent synchrotron radiation. In EEX, a correlation is introduced between one of the transverse beam coordinates and one of the longitudinal parameters.

Dr dr rΦ , Á Âr ΩÀ dl dl 2Φ + εΦ0 (6) ! where r is the radius-vector of a particle. If for a basis we take the relativistic equation of movement that is given by Landau and Lifshits (1973) in dimensionless variables, it will be written in the form ! qffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffi h ! ! ! i dβ ð1 + γ Þ (7) ¼ 1 À β2 r Φ + β Â r ΩÀ β β Á r Φ : dτ Using the relativistic law of conservation of energy, 1 Φ + εΦ0 pffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffi ¼ 1 + , 2 1+γ 1Àβ (8) and passing in Eq. (7) to differentiation according to l, we shall obtain the relativistic equation of the trajectory !

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