Algorithmic Logic by Grazyna Mirkowska, Andrzej Salwicki PDF

By Grazyna Mirkowska, Andrzej Salwicki

The aim of this ebook is manyfold. it really is meant either to offer suggestions precious in software program engineering and to show result of learn on homes of those techniques.

The significant aim of the publication is to assist the reader in elaboration of his personal perspectives on foundations of computing. the current authors think that semantics of courses will regularly be the required starting place for each scholar of computing. in this origin it is easy to build next layers of ability and data in computing device technological know-how. Later one discovers extra questions of a special nature, e.g. on price and optimality of algorithms. This ebook will be usually fascinated by semantics.

Secondly, the publication goals to provide a brand new set of logical axioms and inference principles applicable for reasoning concerning the houses of algorithms. Such instruments are worthwhile for formalizing the verification and research of algorithms. The instruments could be of quality—they could be constant and whole. those and comparable requisites lead us towards metamathematical questions in regards to the constitution of algorithmic common sense.

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Obviously 21 is a model of the set AR. The first formula states that 0 is not the successor of any natural number; the second formula ensures that successors of different natural numbers are different natural num­ bers, and the third formula states that every natural number is obtained from 0 by applying the successor operation a finite number of times. 2. We shall say that a formula a is a semantic con­ sequence o f the set o f formulas Z, for short Z\ncc, iff a is valid in every model o f Z. In other words, for every data structure 21, 21 j=Z implies 21 i= a.

3. The set o f all programs IT is the least set such that: (i) Every expression o f the form (x := r) or (q : = y) is a program, where x is an individual variable, r is a term, q is a propositional variable, y is an open formula. (ii) Jf y is an open formula and M and M ' are programs then the expressions if y then M else M ' fi, while y do M od, begin M; M ' end are programs. □ The set of all expressions defined in (i) shall be called the set o f assign­ ment instructions and will be denoted by S.

Begin M„_1 ; M n end ... end end; 2° while y do M x; M 2 od instead of while y do begin M 1 ; M 2 end od; 3° if y then M i ; M 2 else M[ ;M2 fi instead of if y then begin M i ; M 2 end else begin M [ ; M 2 end fi. According to the definition the ex­ pression (x :== x) is a program for every variable x. We shall denote such a program by Id. For the sake of simplicity we shall write if y then M fi instead of if y then M else Id fi. If M is a program and i— a natural number, then M l is a shortened form of the program begin M; ; M end; M° = Id.

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