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Compound. SOgre. = * 39 : x 6 : : -^ grs. 6. : 20 grs. =119. a? of iron-rust (Fe^O^ how much O? = 24 = equivalent of the given constituent. " " " Pe a O 8 = 80 = compound. * = weight of the given constituent. In 14 Ibs. 3O 14 Ibs. = " " " 24 a; 7. tt>s. In 20 80 : : compound. x : 14 Ibs. : = 4 Vilbs. (O). SiO^ + Ibs. SiOJ how many of sand (SiOJ ? SiO 2 ) x 80 Ibs. 0 = = 119= = weight of = *' equivalent of the given constituent. " compound. 60: 119: X = " " the given constituent. ' " 10 : x: ^ 20 Ibs.

Is In theory, 29^ in. X 13^ much less than this. ; in practice, the distance 9. Why cannot we raise water, by means of a siphon, to a higher level? There is no power in a siphon it is only a way of guiding ; the flow of water to a lower level. If the air in the chamber of a fire-engine be condensed former bulk, what will be the pressure due to the expansive force of the air on every square inch ? Ans. 240 Ibs. 10. to fe its 1 1 . What causes the bubbles to rise to the surface, in hot tea ? when we put a lump of loaf-sugar The bubbles of air contained in the pores of the sugar because they are lighter than the water.

4700 How much louder will be the report of a gun to an 13. observer at a distance of 20 rods than to one at half a mile? 160 rod? are 8 times 20 rods. The intensity of the sound is inversely as the 1 Hence the sound is 64 times louder to the square of the distance = /64 . observer at 20 rods that to the one at half a mile. 14. Does sound travel faster at the foot or at the top of a mountain ? The density and elasticity of the air vary in the same proportion hence if the temperature were the same on the top of a mountain that it is at the foot, the velocity of sound would ; be the same, but as 15.

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